Well conformed, sweet tempered, easily trainable and talented mares are hard to come by or breed. We’ve been very selective about our mares, including the ones we’ve bred ourselves. As well as movement, temperament, conformation and willingness to learn and show, we consider their pedigrees as far back as we can research them. Breeding for us is not a matter of which stallions we stand; so we breed to two to four outside stallions a year in an effort to improve, add bloodlines and enhance natural talents. Like most horse owners, we have a difficult time parting with our horses.

Mares we are selling are always difficult decisions for us and are usually only offered if we are keeping one of their get. We will post as many photos of our mares, their get and their direct ancestors so you can see what is available or where a horse may have come from. “Temperament” includes being able to work or show a mare in estrus. We use as few chemicals as possible and expect our mares to ride and perform through the distraction of heat cycles.

Aspen (Lashperation) - For Sale

Call Name: Aspen

Registered Name: LASHPERATION

Status: Well Started

DOB: 2013

Height 16.H


Zorri (Dressed To Quill) - For Sale

Call name: Zorri

Registered Name: DRESSED TO QUILL

Status: Broodmare

DOB: 2005

Height: over 16.H

Pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/dressed+to+quill